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Hypno Beginnings are known for supporting and educating women during pregnancy, childbirth & beyond. Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education programme which is empowering, transformative and powerful. This preparation gives women a positive view of birth and the belief that childbirth does not have to be traumatic. Hannah is on hand to support you and your birth partner and her comprehensive programme will teach you how to implement small changes during your birthing journey, to create positive outcomes for both mother and baby before, during and after birth.




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I cannot recommend Hypno birthing with Hypno Beginnings enough!

My wife and I took Hannah’s course to help prepare for the birth of our baby. I did not know what to expect as I had not heard of it before. If I am honest, I thought it was going to be more of a spiritual experience but it was not.

My wife and I learned so much. There was a lot of useful information that really prepared both of us for the birth. We learned more from Hypno Beginnings than from our community midwife and consultant!

I think as a birthing partner you want to help but really don’t know what it is that you can do. However, due to the course, I felt equipped to speak to midwifes and doctors if need be, and knew exactly what to do to support my wife going through labour.

I would recommend Hypno Beginnings to anyone as I think it transformed our high-risk birth into a positive birthing experience. Thank you Hannah!

Jake, Warwickshire
I can honestly say that giving birth was the best day of my life. I can look back and wholeheartedly say that without the knowledge gained through the course, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in control of my fears and get through it. I felt totally empowered that my body knew what to do.

Thank you Hannah for all your guidance and support. You changed our lives and helped us bring our daughter into the world with confidence.

I’d highly recommend your hypnobirthing course to all expectant mothers and birth partners too – I can’t thank you enough.

Sophie, Worcestershire
Me and my partner have just finished our hypnobirthing sessions with Hannah and we honestly feel like it’s the best investment we have made so far! The course was so educational about all parts of pregnancy and provided us with unbiased information about all of the choices available to us when it comes to birthing our baby.

The course has left me feeling less anxious about labour and more excited for it, as I now know what to expect and have some coping techniques to help me deal with each stage. The course also highlighted to me and my partner the importance of his role as my birthing partner and how he can help me bring our baby into the world together.

This is my first baby and I also feel like this course has given me the confidence to speak up at my midwife/hospital appointments and question decisions that are being made for me and my baby as opposed to going along with them because I was uninformed.

If you are contemplating a hypnobirthing course with Hannah then I would 100% recommend her services. Hannah has so much knowledge and passion on the subject and provides you with information that is easy to understand and digest.

You will not regret doing a course with her as it will leave you feeling fully prepared for your pregnancy journey.

Jemma, Birmingham
Myself and my partner have just completed a hypnobirthing course with Hannah. Hannah was fantastic and enthusiastic towards hypnobirthing. We haven’t had our baby yet but feel empowered for the birth. We have learnt to be in control of what’s to come and feel like we have gained a lot of knowledge about what our options are.

Hannah is always available to get hold of outside our sessions too and has helped me with information about packing my hospital bag, pod casts and has also listened to everything we have said and messages to see how I’m feeling and how we are getting on! Highly recommend Hypno Beginnings!

Hayley, Warwickshire
Working with Hannah was the best decision I made when it came to giving birth for the first time. I felt so prepared and calm going into it. After going into natural labour I ended up having to have an emergency c section (due to unavoidable circumstances). A section was something I’d been previously worried about but worked with Hannah on, which meant I was equipped with breathing techniques and information that meant I was never panicked. In fact, the surgeon even commented on how relaxed I appeared even though there was a lot going on! After my little boy arrived safe and sound Hannah’s knowledge continued to help me! Feeding advice, encouragement and general first-time mum questions all answered with patience, information and kindness which gave me and my partner such peace of mind. Thank you, Hannah you are amazing!
Amelia, Solihull
Hannah’s course definitely made me feel more in control and confident about what I want from my birthing experience. It was also invaluable for my partner, he was grateful for the list of tasks he had on the day and it made him feel really included. He feels much more relaxed now, which in turn relaxes me. I’m looking forward to giving birth which I never thought I’d say! This course should be standard for every pregnant mother and her birth partner!
Charlotte, Birmingham
I just wanted to express my gratitude for the Hypno Beginnings course. I was extremely nervous about giving birth to my first child before I started the course. My anxiety about being prodded and poked about and feeling like I could potentially feel like a goldfish in a bowl, was increasing my fear around giving birth.

The course was not only informative, Hannah just put me at ease. She was not afraid to share her own experiences and it made the course come to life. Lots of demonstrations and videos to cover all aspects. I love that I now feel empowered and as if I have choices. I don’t think I will have a problem speaking up for what I feel is best for my baby and I. I can’t believe I am going to say this but, I’m actually excited to deliver my baby. Thank you so much Hannah!

Hollie, Solihull

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“I can’t recommend hypnobirthing enough, it made us feel empowered to have a positive birth experience and filled us with so much knowledge.”


“You’ve made two people who were very anxious about pregnancy and birth feel a lot better. The course was invaluable to us both and we now feel that we will be as prepared as we possibly can.”


“I’m looking forward to my birth, this course should be standard for every pregnant person and their birth partner.”